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You may think of hand pumps as a thing of the past, but they have become quite popular.  A hand pump is a reliable method of getting water from your well in the event of a power outage, needing water in a remote location, or if you want your water source to be off the grid.  

We are a dealer for Bison Pumps.  ​​Bison Pumps offer different models to accommodate most any well set up.


A deep well hand pump can even be installed alongside your submersible pump system in the same well.  Some setups may require converting pipe from the submersible pump to connect to a pitlass adapter rather than exit via a well seal at the head of the well.  

Bison Pumps make it possible to pump water to your house plumbing under pressure.  What does this mean?  You can use your hand pump to fill the pressure tank supplying your house, then use water right from the tap!  

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