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This service is commonly requested for real estate closings.  When buying a home, it is best to find out as much as you can about all aspects of the home. 
Often times, the water system is overlooked.


Our well system inspection is a visual, non-destructive inspection of the well system.  We photograph and document the well head and pump system components along with any details regarding condition or maintenance procedures. While most inspections return with no major defects found, it is best to schedule at least a week in advance of closing date in the event repairs need to be considered.

Our Water System Inspection services can include some or all of the following:

  • Well depth & yield information

  • Pump system information & mechanical evaluation

  • Note any filters or other equipment that may require routine maintenance.

  • Document any recommended repairs and cost associated.

This inspection does not guarantee the equipment at this property nor the condition of the well itself.  Many factors (lightning, etc.), can affect the working condition of a pump system at any time.  Venable Brothers does not guarantee the future performance of the system components or any specific amount of water or quality of water from the well on this property. 


There is a very long list of parameters to test your well water for.  The most commonly requested, and sometimes lender required (VA, FHA) are bacteria (Total Coliform & E.coli), Lead, Nitrite, and Nitrates. Below are some links giving more info about each of these parameters or you can visit our Water Testing Service page.  While most water tests return with the Drinking Water Standard, it is best to schedule at least a two weeks in advance of closing date in the event a sample returns abnormal.  This allows time for corrective measures to be taken or solutions considered.



Nitrites & Nitrates 


In the event the bacteria sample tests present for either Total Coliform or E.coli, corrective measures may be taken before a re-test is done.  Chlorinating and pumping off the well is recommended before re-testing for bacteria.  If the results of the re-test are still not good, there may be need for further chlorination or method of treatment such as a UV light system.  

Though not as common, if the lead, nitrite, and nitrate test return with levels above the Drinking Water Standard, methods of filtration may be needed before re-test.

Time frames to consider for corrective measures can range from 3-14 days.  Please allow ample time prior to potential closing date.

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