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Whether your water has sediment (grit, rock dust) clogging up faucets or washing machines or is causing brownish-red or green stains on fixtures, we can help.  If you're concerned about the safety of your water or you are buying a home with a well, we can collect sample for analysis at a state certified laboratory.  If you have sufficient quantity of water - give us a call for solution for the quality of water!


Aerator on faucets clogging up?  Washing machine screen stopping up too?  Existing filter not catching all the grit - we can help!  

Each well is unique and most are likely to produce some sediment, either granite rock cuttings or fine sandrock.  Venable Brothers stocks and installs three different types of small whole house filters.    Our most popular is the Vu-flow (spin-down) type filter - no buying replacement cartridges, just purge or rinse the mesh screen and reuse!

Give our office a call and we can price the installation of these economical solutions for sediment problems.  If you're a do-it-yourselfer, we do sell the filter and fittings needed for installation at our store.  Come by and we'll help you find what you need.  


There are certain mineral content issues or nuisances that are common to our area and the good news is - they're treatable!   We are proud to be a Water-Right water filtration equipment dealer for over 35 years!  Water Softeners, Acid Neutralizers, Greensand Filters - there are solutions to treat your problem water.   Give us a call and we would be glad to schedule a FREE Water Analysis and make recommendations.

Have an older unit - give us a call we can see if repairs can be made.

*NOTE: Use only Solar Salt (blue bag) only for Water-Right softener units - visit our store for best price!*


While is it not common, there can be reoccurring issues with bacteria in well water.  When simple chlorination doesn't remedy this problem, a UV light can be installed for the water to pass by.  A pre-filter for sediments is also installed.  

We are a Viqua dealer.  The Viqua UV light treatment system requires minimal maintenance.  The bulb is to be replaced once a year, there's even a day counting timer to remind you when it's time.  The pre-filter for sediment should be changed every 3 months or as the water pressure decreases.

Viqua UV System Brochure


While not at common as mineral content issues, there are times when the levels of lead, nitrates, or nitrites can be above the Drinking Water Standard.  This can be harmful,   Acid Neutralizers or Reverse Osmosis system can be used to address such issues.  

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