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No water?  Give us a call.  We provide prompt service for troubleshooting pump problems and stock a variety of supplies on our service truck for immediate repair.


Most modern water supply wells make use of a submersible well pump, meaning the pump is actually down in the well.  This submersible is clamped to the bottom of a section of pipe, typically flexible roll pipe or rigid sections of PVC pipe.  Submersible approved wiring is also ran from the pressure switch to the pump to provide power.   There are many horsepower options and pump flow ratings available in submersible pumps.  We are proud to use Grundfos brand pumps for most all our submersible applications.

Even though submersible pumps are more commonly found and can be more efficient, there are still many jet pumps still in use.  A jet style pump sits above ground, at the well head or in a basement, having only pipes and a foot valve & jet assembly going down into a well, and operates on a "push/pull" method to provide water to a point of use.  Shallow well versions, 25 ft. or less, operate using suction to bring water to the top of the ground. We are a dealer for a few brands of jet pumps such as Berkely and Myers.


We are proud dealers of Well-X-Trol pressure tanks.  Well-X-Trol provides a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty on all their products.

Pressure tank store a certain amount of water to be used before the well pump turns on.  The larger size the pressure tank - the less often the pump turns off and on.  Most households have the standard size 20 gallons equivalent providing approximately 6 gallons of water between cycles.  This means the pump turns off and on every 6 gallons used. When upsizing to even the next model such as the WX-205 (34 gallon equivalent), the pump will turn off and on approximately 33 % less often.  This means less wear and tear on the well pump and wiring in the well.  

If you are noticing surging or fluctuating water pressure, give us a call.  Your pressure tank could need replacing.


You may think of hand pumps as a thing of the past, but they have become quite popular.  A hand pump is a reliable method of getting water from your well in the event of a power outage, needing water in a remote location, or if you want your water source to be off the grid.  We are a dealer for Bison Hand Pumps.  


A deep well Bison Hand Pump can be installed alongside your submersible pump system in the same well.. Some setups may require converting pipe from the submersible pump to connect to a pitlass adapter rather than exit via a well seal at the head of the well.  It is also possible to pump water to your house plumbing under pressure.  What does this mean?  You can use your hand pump to fill the pressure tank supplying your house.

Click the link below to see how a hand pump and submersible pump are configured in the same well.  You may also visit our Hand Pump Product page for more info.

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